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Inclusive economic development

This course teaches basic economics and targets progressive activists, policy-makers and politicians who have not studied economics. It focuses on understanding economic terms, broad theories, economic history, inequality and global relations, trade, globalisation and possibilities for inclusive and more equal economic development.

The course consists of three modules and will take about ten hours to complete. It is best to do the modules in sequence, but they can also be done as stand-alone mini-courses, or used as lessons on specific topics.

You will only get a certificate if you complete all three modules and achieve a pass mark of 60%

The modules and issues dealt with are:

  1. Explains the most common economic indicators and theories. It gives you the background to understand supply and demand, and the most common economic jargon and theories.

  2. The history of our modern economies and relations between the developed and developing world. It looks at the impact of colonialism on the developing world, economic today, political and economic power between developed and developing countries, the impact of the Cold War and globalisation, regional trade blocks and and trade today.

  3. Poverty and inequality in the world and the options for more inclusive development today. It deals with economic development programmes followed in different countries, and sets out principles of inclusive development that could lead to more equal and prosperous countries. It focuses on specific steps that can be taken by developing countries and unpacks rapid growth sectors in Africa in the formal and informal economies.
You can do the course on your own and in your own time or you form study groups and do it together. You will receive a certificate of completion when you complete all three modules of the course and achieve a 60% pass mark for the quizzes.

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