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open to all on the following topics


Sustainable development

The Sustainable Development course consists of five modules. We will look a sustainable development in an unequal world and the effects of climate change on our biodiversity. We will also cover topics such as water management, food security and access to greener energy and transport. Lastly, we will look at the effects of urbanisation on the sustainable development goals.

Economic development

Inclusive economic development

This course teaches basic economics and targets progressive activists, policy-makers and politicians who have not studied economics. It focuses on understanding economic terms, broad theories, economic history, inequality and global relations, trade, globalisation and possibilities for inclusive and more equal economic development.


Ideology and policy

This course will cover politics and the visions and ideas that drive different political ideologies. It will cover the role of political parties in a democracy and the political differences between them. We will cover the classic ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, social democracy and socialism. It will also deal with more modern schools of thought from the last 60 years.