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Implementation Resources

The Let’s Talk programme includes tools to support Let’s Talk facilitators and help monitor implementation that can be downloaded below. 

Resources from the 2017 Let’s Talk implementation guide

General implementation considerations

Tips for
Let's Talk facilitators

Energisers and
relaxation exercises

Programme attendance and quality control video

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Fidelity checklists

Fidelity checklists and assessment forms for each session ensure the program is implemented as intended and provide focused opportunities for facilitators to debrief and critically reflect on their sessions.  

Pre- and post- survey

A pre- and post-participation survey for caregivers and adolescents, which provides information about whether program objectives are being met. Indicators are derived from simple questions on intermediary outcomes such as HIV knowledge, HIV testing history, and sexual risk communication. Survey questions are built into CBIMS to allow for entry and reporting. Results can be used to summarise short-term programme impact and to identify content areas that may require exploration during additional group sessions.